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Everything about us says warm touch; you're in good hands here. 
This is a trauma informed massage experience designed with your self care in mind.

Your healing journey from the outside in.
A holistic approach to guiding your body back to balance from digestion, reproduction, & structural issues, as well as, chronic stress, dis-ease, anxiety, & trauma.

Calm your mind. Nourish your body.

You Pick, We Deliver

4 Choices to Meet your needs


Mayan Abdominal REL(EASE)
Specific * Relieving * Targeted * Therapeutic 

An ancient traditional technique that has been passed down for generations in the Maya culture of Central America. A treatment that blends massage techniques focusing on the connections of muscles, ligaments, and organs in your abdomen and pelvis. This technique is great for helping women to heal reproductive issues, digestive gut issues, and back pain.

Natural Healing. Muscle Tissue Release. Pain Management. 




Craniosacral Therapy REL(EASE)
Balance * Flow * Rhythmic * Restorative

Light touch therapy helping to relieve pain and emotional stress. Allows your central nervous system to re-center and balance, by releasing restrictions.. Improve emotional regulation through work on the vagus nerve. Ideal for chronic stress and physical or emotional trauma. 

Holistic Pain Management. Discomfort Reduction. Preventative Care.


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Relaxed Mind Body REL(EASE)
Calming * Clearing * Restorative * Unwinding 

Relax into a meditative brain state, allowing healing at the cellular level. Quiet your thinking mind, and experience massage mind euphoria. When the mind unwinds, the body follows. A full body massage experience for ultimate care to melt away tension.   

Stress Relief. Nervous System Reset. Hormone Balancing. 


Momaroo Prenatal Pregnancy REL(EASE) 
Gentle * Nourishing * Relaxing * Safe 

Gone are the days of feather strokes, and side lying! We do prenatal massage different. Blending relaxation, pain relief, and comfort. Focus placed on improving circulation and releasing tension using our maternity cushion that allows for comfort and support during your massage, along with safely lying face down. 

Improve Mood. Create Comfort. Ease Tension. 



60/90/120 minute massage


(Gratuity Free Studio)

Ayurvedic Aromatherapy Marma Point Face & Scalp Massage, Cupping, Craniosacral therapy, Mayan Abdominal Massage, Warm Himalayan Salt Stones & CBD/Hemp Oil available during scheduling. 

60/90/120 minute specialized bodywork




Blends are added to each massage experience based on the type of massage being received. Essential oils can help with better sleep, headache relief, relaxation, anxiety & stress reduction, as well as reduced inflammation just to name a few. No extra charge, and you can opt to leave out if you choose. We strive to provide organic, vegan, and natural products. Your skin is your largest organ and we want to take good care of it!



Communication is key to any great relationship, and this includes the professional relationship between you and your therapist. From intake, to next time, we want to ensure there is clear communication, and ensure your expectations are met every step of the way. This is all about you, after all!



Sometimes you just want something a little extra, so we provide some enhancements to choose from. You can add: ayurvedic aromatherapy marma point face & scalp massage, craniosacral therapy, cupping therapy, CBD/hemp oil, migraine melting massage, or warm himalayan salt stones for an additional cost. Just add 'em on when you book!

Something we can't make more of is time, and we value yours. We ensure that you get the hands on time that you booked. Therapists are never booked back to back, which means you have time to relax into your massage, and can take your time during your entire experience.  

A gentle and relaxing face and scalp massage targeting specific ayurvedic marma points  - a traditional ayurvedic massage technique believed to help sustain the flow of energy throughout your body, using a blend of essential oils for face and hair love. 


Ayurvedic Aromatherapy Marma Point Massage 

Craniosacral Therapy 



Targeted cupping therapy, migraine relieving pure essential oil blend, cooling jade stones, Craniosacral therapy & manual lymphatic drainage to target and focus on migraine trigger areas.

Migraine Melting Massage 

An alternative therapy that involves suctioning the skin with glass and silicone cups, which can help improve blood flow, boost immune function, remove toxins, and reduce inflammation.


Cupping Therapy 


Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a gentle hands-on bodywork treatment that relieves compression and tension in the bones of the head, sacrum, and spinal column. 

focused on rebalancing the central nervous system, promoting a feeling of well-being by eliminating pain and boosting health and immunity. Utilizes A vagus nerve technique for a healing experience. 

CST has shown relief from a variety of symptoms including, but not limited to: chronic pain and stress, migraine headaches, neck pain, fibromyalgia, fertility, sinus infections, trauma recovery, mood disorders, ear infections, sleep disturbances, IBS, and TMJ disorder.



Organic CBD Oil 

A powerfully regenerative blend of ORGANIC CBD and antioxidant-rich botanicals that sooth stressed muscles while restoring skin health and hydration, relaxing the body. 400mg of water-soluble, broad-spectrum CBD* made from hemp grown responsibly on a Boulder Colorado farm and cold pressed for purity, with no THC.


Warm Himalayan Salt Stones 

Heated Stones that act as natural detoxifiers, containing over 84 essential minerals that deeply penetrate the skin, joints, and muscle tissue. Stones decrease levels of stress while increasing the feeling of relaxation.

“Serenity is amazing at what she does. I felt phenomenal after my massage. I will be back!” 

— Molly P

“One of the best massages I have ever received, and I have had a lot!” 

— Denise D

No need to impress. You will be invited to dress down to your comfort level, as skin on skin is best for massage. We keep things warm and cozy for you, and there are sheets and blankets that you will lay under. We only expose the area being massaged, and secure the sheets for maximum comfort.

This can be helpful so that you are not feeling rushed, and we have plenty of time to transition you into a relaxed state, as well as communicate expectations and goals for your experience. We recommend 5 minutes if you are returning, and 10 minutes if this is your first time with us.  

We got your back, literally! Here are some things to know 

Come comfy

Arrive a tad early



Don’t forget to turn off your cell phone for a better experience and eliminate anything distracting, Trust us, you're welcome!

Phones & Distractions


Medical conditions should be fully disclosed so we can ensure that accommodations are made if needed.


Medical Condition or Pregnancy 



You think: no pain no gain

Don't want to have a relaxing experience

Don’t like to be professionally touched

Aren’t committed to long term self care

 REL(EASE) Massage may not be right for you if:

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“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

Ann Lamott

Cancellation Policy 

REL(EASE) has a 14 hour cancellation policy,  

If you're anything like us, you love reminders! We make sure to send one out to you, just in case you forgot to add your next massage to your schedule. This should give you ample time to cancel or reschedule if needed. Your time is valuable to us, and we want to honor it - so we ask the same in return! 

In the unfortunate event you must cancel at the last minute for any reason, the cancellation for that day and time won't be refunded, and you will be responsible for paying for the missed appointment.

Running late to your appointment? We’ve all been there. Please just note that this may result in a shorter appointment time, in order to not affect the client booked after you. 

When booking online, you will be asked to enter your credit or debit information to reserve your time slot. If you are not able to make your appointment and have to cancel within the 14 hour cancellation window, your card will be charged for the amount of your massage. Then we want to see you back when you can make it in!



Safety is one of our top priorities, for you and for us. As professional licensed therapists, we are dedicated to providing a professional, safe, and delightful experience for our clients. Our work is strictly therapeutic and non-sexual. Any sexual comments or advances will result in immediate termination of the session which may include contacting local authorities.


Massage Benefits

Reduces Stress                                              Increases Mental Clarity                                    Calms the Mind
Reduces Anxiety                                            Increases Endurance                                          Improves Circulation 
Reduces Physical Tension                             Increases Lymphatic Fluid  Flow                      Improves Breathing 
Reduces Pain                                                  Increases Flexibility                                            Supports Addiction Recovery
Relieves Tight & Sore Muscles                     Increases Injury Recovery Rate                         Supports Injury Prevention 
Reduces Inflammation                                  Increases Body Awareness                                Teaches the Body Relaxation               
Reduces Heart Rate & Blood Pressure        Increases Immune Function                              Oxygenates & Rejuvenates Blood in Muscles

How early should I arrive?

If it's your first massage with us, arriving 10 minutes early is ideal, so you can get familiar with our studio and have time to ask questions. Otherwise, 5 minutes before your scheduled massage  is usually standard. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take walk-in appointments?

We ask that all appointments are booked online, or you may call to schedule. Calling to schedule an appointment could result in a delay so online scheduling is highly recommended. 

Can I cancel or re-schedule my massage if there is severe weather?

In the event you can not make it to your appointment due to local sever weather, we may wave our normal cancellation policy and do our best to re-schedule your massage. 

Should I talk during my massage?

If you are more comfortable and relaxed talking, go for it. If you'd rather just relax and zone out, that is perfectly fine too. We won't strike up conversation, but we'll engage if you start one. We do ask that if there is something uncomfortbale, or something you need, you speak up!

How often should I get a massage?

We recommend not going more than 6 weeks between massages. Generally clients find that 2 to 4 weeks is thier sweet spot, but it should be as often you'd like and can afford. For some that's once a week and for others, it's every 4 weeks. For chronic pain, this is often adjusted to several times a week. You are investing in your body, which will last your lifetime. 

What if I need to cancel or re-schedule my massage?

Things come up, and we get it! We ask for a 24 hour advance notice. You can view the full policy here.

Does massage hurt?

When receiving certain massage types and working through tension in the body, there can be an intensity, but massage should not hurt. We want your body to feel like it can invite in the work, and not want to reject it. Communication between client and therapist is especially important for this reason. 

How much clothing do I wear during the massage?

Skin on skin is best during massage. We always ensure that only the body part being massaged is exposed and we are trained on professional and appropriate draping techniques. Therefore, most people choose to dress down to their underwear. and are covered by a blanket. However, it is your comfort level that is most important, so if that means more clothing, we will work with that. 

What is Trauma Informed Massage?

Should I leave gratuity?

It's a client-centered approach to massage therapy. A collaboration that acknowledges that you are the expert of your body. We bring expertise in anatomy, the nervous system, methods of relaxation, and knowledge of how pain works to support your body in releasing tension. To learn more, check out our blog article:

We have a fair pay model that ensures therapists are paid appropriately for thier professional experience, therefore, tipping is not expected. We like to be considered part of your care team along with your mental health therapist, chiropractor, or physical therapy office, in which tipping is also not expected. 

Specialized Massage Therapy that can positively affect the following conditions; 

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Seasonal Depression 
Mood Disorders
Lack of Focus 
Sleep Problems
Digestive Problems
Muscle Tension and Pain 




Hair Loss


Increased Cortisol Levels
Mood Swings
Headaches or Migraines
Low Energy 
Focus Difficulty

Focus Difficulty 
Muscle Aches
Stomach Aches
Sleep Problems, Difficulty Falling and Staying Asleep

Panic Attacks
Sleep Problems
Muscle Aches
High Blood Pressure
Jaw Clenching & TMJ
Digestive Issues
Difficulty Breathing 

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We completely understand. Every dollar invested in your body and wellness is an important one! Let's chat and make sure this is the place for you. 

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