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9 Stretches To Ease Neck Pain

January 16, 2023

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Let’s be real, neck pain is a real, well, pain in the neck!

From looking down at your phone, to repetitive computer usage throughout the day without the best posture, just to name a couple. Most of us are facing it. 

Range of motion restrictions, or just plain old pain, there are so many things that can surface from neck tension. One of the most common ones I hear, are migraines. Boo, I know. 

Even stress can wear on the neck, as we often tense our back and shoulders, the tension moves its way up into our necks without us even realizing it. 

Massage is a great way to get you back on track, but let’s dive into some stretches that can help keep that tension at bay in-between or at least ease some of the pain. 

I love to use yoga as a guide post for stretching. It’s something that has been around for a long time, and is still extremely popular today, for good reason. It works and it’s effective. 

Here’s 9 poses that help ease tension and stretch the neck and spine:

Cat Cow:

Start by kneeling on the floor, and then place your hands on the floor so they are in front of you. Most people refer to this as getting on all fours! Your hands should be shoulder-width apart and your knees are going to be directly below your hips. This is important to ensure your posture is correct and in alignment. Next, curve your low back and bring your head up, tilting your pelvis, and inhaling deeply. Then exhale, bringing your abdomen in, arching your spine and bringing your head and pelvis down. Repeat as needed, and recommended several times.  

Child’s Pose:

Start by keeling, and then pull your body forward with your hands on the ground so your upper body is sitting on your knees. Leaning forward, your glutes should be on your heels, and you can rest your forehead on the floor, or as close to the floor as your body allows. Your arms should be moved so they fall next to your legs, with palms facing up towards the sky. Slowly but deeply start to inhale and exhale through your nose. 

**Another variation includes to fold your arms in front of you on the floor, if you are unable to rest your forehead on the ground. You can then place your head on your arms. 

Ear to Shoulder – Neck Rolls:

Sit up straight with your shoulders relaxed and arms by your side. Slowly but deeply start to inhale and exhale through your nose. Then slowly let your head drop forward. As you inhale, roll your head up to the left, and as you exhale, let your left ear gently drop towards your left shoulder. Continue to keep your shoulders relaxed, as you hold this pose for a few breaths, and then slowly roll your head back down to the center. Now roll your head to the right side and repeat. 

Extended Puppy:

Start out on all fours, on the floor. Ensure that your hips and knees are in alignment with each other and that your shoulders and wrists align as well. Then walk your hands forward in front of you, and curl your toes. Inhale, and then as you exhale, move your glutes half way, back towards your heels. Ensure your elbows are engaged and not touching the floor. Once comfortable, drop your head to the floor as your neck relaxes. Your back should be slightly curved and you should feel the stretch in your spine. Breathe into your back, and hold for 30 seconds.  

Melting Heart:

Start out on all fours, on the floor. Ensure that your hips and knees are in alignment with each other and that your shoulders and wrists align as well. 

Then walk your hands forward in front of you as you then dip your chest down towards the ground. Your lower body should stay in place. Then rest your chin or forehead on the ground. Spread your finders and firmly press the palms of the hand down. Draw your navel in and up towards the spine. The curvature of your low back should not be exaggerated. 

Seated Forward Bend:

Start by sitting on the floor with your legs straight in front of you, your feet flexed and toes pointing to the ceiling. Then raise your arms above your head, lengthening the spine. Exhale, while slowly bending forward the hips. Keep your glutes and heels connected to the ground while you bend. Bend at your hips as far as you can. Then grasp the sides of your feet with your hands if you’re able. Breathe slowly, and with each exhale try to bend a little more. Try this pose for approximately 3 minutes.


Lie down on your belly, with your legs side by side. Press your tailbone towards your pubis and lengthen it towards the bottom of your feet. Rotate your thighs inward, rolling your outer thoughts towards the floor. Actively reach through your toes towards the wall behind you, and continue to lengthen. Your glutes should be tight and firm. Then place your elbows under your shoulders and your forearms on the floor. As you inhale, lift your upper torso and head so they are away from the floor. This should place you in a mild backbend. Bring your awareness to your lower belly and subtly draw it away from the floor rounding up towards your lower back. Hold for about 5 breaths and then as you exhale release your belly and lower to the floor. Turn your head to one side, and lay quietly. Then repeat on the other side, focusing on your breath.

Standing Forward Bend: 

Stand with your feet together, bending your knees slightly as your torso folds over your legs. Move the hips, and not the lower back. Your hands should be at your feet on the ground at your side, or directly in front of you. Inhale and exhale and let your chest aid to lengthen your spine, while you keep your gaze directly forward. As you exhale, gently press both legs straighter. Lift the knees while gently spiraling your upper, inner thighs back. Your legs should be straight and not hyperextended. Exhale and extend your torso down without rounding your back. Lengthen through your neck, extending the top of your head towards the ground. 

Warrior II:

While on your feet, stretch your arms out straight at your sides, so that your shoulders and feet are parallel to each other in a wide stance. Turn your right foot and knee so that they are facing in front of you, and angle your left toes slightly in towards the upper left. Bend your right knee and stack it over your right ankle. Ensure your weight is placed evenly between both your legs, and press down through the outer part of your back foot. The top of your head should be stacked over your pelvis and shoulders should be over your hips.Then reach through both arms behind and in front of you and turn your head so that you are looking past your right fingers. Hold for at least 5 breaths. Repeat on the other side. 

Which one’s your favorite? I’d love to know! 

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