Hi! Serenity here - I’ve been waiting to meet you. 

I’m a California girl, who still loves sunshine and beaches, but somehow landed in the middle of America.


The first 20 years of my life were spent unintentionally moving away from living my best life, and the next 15 trying to make up for it.

Now I play life differently, making sure I live without regret, surrounding myself with joy, laughing every day, and letting love guide my way. It took me 2 decades, a nervous breakdown, and a hormonal imbalance (just to name a few) to finally get it. Cortisol levels through the roof, sleepless nights, itchy skin, hair loss, moods that no one wanted to be around (including me), debilitating anxiety, irregular cycles, low energy, weight gain, loss of libido, drive, and motivation. I mean, just to name a few!

As things got considerably worse, I saw medical professional after medical professional and everything always ended up the same. No real answers, and fixes that were not solutions for what was causing the problem. In thier defense, I get it, that's not what thier trained to do.  

Being driven, and always living fast, it started to feel like it was costing me my life. That was a big wake up call for me - HUGE, but it happened time and time again. starting out the first time as a subtle whisper and then continued to grow louder, and louder, leaving me no other choice than to take the message seriously. I dedicated my time to figuring it out myself. 

I learned how to heal myself from the inside out. No surgery, medication, or doctors. Now it’s my passion to bring you the same self care habits that literally changed my life. It wasn’t fast or overnight, it’s been slow, and steady, but it's been sustainable.  

You are the reason I get to do what I love, and I never take that for granted. 

I am dedicated to bringing an uplifting experience to you with everything I do. Everything you'll find here has been created with you in mind and thoughfully put together to bring you easily digestible information, uncomplicated practices and wellness services that are part of my own life - tried, tested and true, but most of all authentic. 


of the


We adore every (body) but we’re not for every (body).


We fail - but we learn and always have fun.


We lead with love and it’s the foundation of who we are.


We’ve got your back - sometimes literally.


Joy Rising

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Florence + the Machine

mountains or beach 


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Laughter, Music, Sunshine

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Lucca, Italy

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Mel Robbins

Tiny Beautiful Things

free time obsession

Books and Nature

pure bliss

A really good massage - of course

Could Eat for days

Mashed Potatoes

what I want to be when I grow up

The next best version of me! I'm always evolving. 

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