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Have you tried this for Valentine’s Day yet?

February 7, 2022

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It’s a cold Saturday night, and all the kids are home. I’ve been waiting for this all week, wanting to plan something we can do together. Some effort to peel all the boys away from video games! What can we do, what can we do!? I’m reaching for quality time, but willing to settle on quantity time.

You know, quantity in the sense of everyone together in one room for any sort of length of time! I landed on a movie. I even buy candy as an extra incentive, the health(ier) kind of course (is that a thing!?)and make sure there’s plenty of popcorn.

I bounce the idea off the kids, some cheers, some neutral nods. Expected. And, of course they ask, “will there be snacks?” I knew it, and I have it covered!

We land on a movie most everyone agrees to, I mean let’s be real here, eight people, one movie- tough to agree on anything, but we come close enough. 

I pop the popcorn, divy it out, and everyone throws their candy in their bowl. I settle in, and get cozy. I look around and realize this is actually happening. No one gets out their phone. No one sneaks out. Everyone together for this shared moment in time.  

I felt like I won!

You might be thinking, what’s this have to do with Valentine’s day?

Connection. Shared moments. 

Like when you see a really good movie, but you watched it alone. And then you’re dying to know who else has seen it. You’d even go as far as watching it again with someone who hasn’t seen it, so you can share the experience with them. 

That’s how I like to describe the experience of having an amazing massage. Even better, is having that shared moment of connection with someone else you love, doing something that nourishes you both at the same time. 

That’s the magic of a couples massage, and in February for Valentine’s Day, even better. 

It’s the best gift. One you both get to experience and benefit from. 

Best thing is, you’re in luck my friend. I know just the place. 

And you don’t have to travel far to bring relaxation to your day – a romantic getaway in your nearby neighborhood. 

The older I get, the more I start to appreciate moments, and experiences over stuff. Gifts are nice, but memories, those are priceless. 

If a couple’s massage isn’t your thang, totally cool. Check out these other ways to connect with the one you love. I especially love the second one. 

  1. Write them a love note and stick it in their coat pocket, or car. 
  2. Give them a 6 second hug. Why 6 seconds? Research shows that it takes 6 seconds to release oxytocin through hugging- the mood boosting chemical. 
  3. Set a daily reminder to send them a loving text message for a week. Something unexpected and out of the blue that shows you’re thinking of them. 
  4. Give your partner a foot massage or schedule them a surprise massage. Increasing their endorphins, serotonin and dopamine hormones. 
  5. Plan a surprise date. Make sure you plan things or go somewhere you’ve never been. It could be as simple as a new restaurant – get creative. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!I hope you’ll join us. But most of all, I wish you the most love and connection, especially in the month of love. 

Book your Couple’s Massage here, or settle for the gift of massage here, if that floats your boat – not that it’s settling!

Always with Love, 

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